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Full Health for Healthcare Providers


Our Medical Software Built by Doctors for Doctors

Full Health was built by doctors who wanted to do more medical assessments, better, faster and cheaper.

To realise this goal they had to place themselves at every point in the workflow and ask hard questions about their role - can it be automated, do they actually need to be in that piece of workflow, can technology replicate their thought process and 'scan' more data points and perhaps highlight something it would have taken them much longer to find. We have been refining this for 12 years and we'll never stop. When you use our product you get all of this thinking and experience embedded in the product suite.

Private healthcare doctors demonstrating a full health check up will involved using icons

Get started quickly

Full Health is cloud native - meaning that there is no need for 'old-school' software installs, updates and all those headaches. Creating an account is as easy as signing up for a movie streaming service - but in this case, it's a medical technology service! Email and tell them you want to get started.

Simple and easy to use

As a user, you'll be allocated a role - nurse, doctor, admin, patient and so forth. With this role you'll see the functionality you expect to see - whether you're the administrator setting up the email  invite campaign from a HR department, or whether you're the doctor reviewing medicals before releasing them to the end patient or customer.

A couple of private healthcare professionals looking for the right medication to give the patient.

Feature Set

  • Setting Up Programmes

    • Configure medical programme workflow from prebuilt or bespoke modules
    • Give each end ‘account’ their own environment to manage user lists, assign programmes, enrolment
    • Online Appointment generation – booking wizard or phone
    • Payments (if required)
    • GDPR compliance
  • Data Collection

    • Registration
    • Questionnaires
    • Consents
    • Physical examination data collection
    • Post screening – ingest lab results directly platform
    • Single source of data
  • Doctor Dashboard

    • Present large volume of cases
    • Filter for urgent cases / ‘wave thru’ normal datasets
    • Doctor reviewing key data requiring medical opinion, not writing reports
    • Video / telehealth
  • Report Generation

    • Automated post medical outcome reporting.
    • Unique IP which replicates a doctor ‘deep-dive’ on pathology results and all other inputs.
    • Highlight anomalies, even where each individual result is within normal range
  • Patient Dashboard

    • Auto generated easy to understand reports for patients, store results, build history
    • Clear comms / no room for manual errors
    • Telehealth functionality for individuals requiring follow up with doctor
    • Appointment generation
    • Onward referral functionality
  • Organisation Dashboard

    • Telemetry over a large cohort of patients
    • Actionable insights
    • Preserve individual data rights


We recommend you consider the following when you purchase a tool kit from providers like Full Health:

  • Experience - can your provider demonstrate real-world experience. Full Health has been in business since 2011, and our product is currently used for medical programmes right across the UK and Ireland - from small pharmacies to nationwide rollouts.
  • ISO 27001 compliance - Full Health is audited annually for ISO 27001 compliance, most recently Feb 22 (And we're proud to report that there were no auditor findings).
  • GDPR Compliance / Data stored in AWS Servers in Ireland
  • Single source of data – all workflow points to the same data
  • Easily configurable workflow/automation
  • Each end-user has their own data hosted in their own account, automated communications, history, auditability
  • Embedded Video call functionality
  • Payments infrastructure
  • Referrals, lab integration, already used by clinics nationwide