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Hewlett Packard


Powering Hewlett-Packard to "win with wellness"

Full Health Medical streamlines employee wellbeing at HP.


Imagine a team of specialist consultants in the room for your employee's medical

Full Health modules are built by specialists. For example, to build our cardiology module, our cardiologist documented all the questions she would want to ask a patient, all the measurements she would want to see (heart rate, blood pressure etc.), and all the blood results she would want to see. She then documented all the outcomes she might want to discuss with the patient for all the combinations of module inputs - this can lead to 100's of different outcomes in the report presented to the patient. 

Now, repeat this for every module.

We have been evolving this for over 10 years and we'll never stop. 

Automated reports at scale

Every part of medical assessment workflow is covered, from patient invites and questionnaires, to automated generation of patient reports for a doctor to review before releasing back to the patient. As a cloud based platform, the environment is browser based and familiar. 

Simple and easy to use