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Feature update - December 2023

Our latest production release includes a new top bar layout, unconfirmed booking notifications and updates to medical and appointment CSVs.

Changes to our top bar

With numerous exciting new features currently in development, we are enhancing our platform layout to facilitate user navigation. The initial update involves transitioning from a single admin dropdown menu to organising functionality categories along the top bar.

Unconfirmed bookings

We now offer email alerts for clients who overlook the final confirmation step while making a booking. These alerts will be sent if a booking remains unconfirmed after the 15-minute booking window. Plus, you'll receive a notification conveniently located in your provider's notification list accessed through the top bar bell icon. Here's a sample of the client email below:

Screenshot 2023-12-11 120114

CSV format


We have made an update to our appointment and medical CSV files. This enhanced format now includes an additional column for employee numbers. To ensure a smooth transition, we had previously sent out a notification urging everyone to thoroughly examine the revised structure for any potential impact on data imports to third-party systems, such as laboratories.