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Feature update - April 2023

In our latest production release we include a new look consumer log in page, a much improved client account confirmation process and integration with the Stripe payment gateway.


New look log in page

The last piece of work in our journey to optimise the consumer booking experience on mobile devices, provides a new look log in page. We have also taken the opportunity to brighten up the log in pages for desktop devices.


Client account confirmation

Clients will now confirm their email address using a verification code during the booking process. This streamlined approach will significantly reduce friction for new users signing up to the platform.


Stripe integration 

Full Health's integration with Stripe is now complete. Going forward Stripe will be our payment gateway of choice. 

Read more on our knowledge base


Medical CSV download

When search criteria on the medical page return <100 results, a CSV file will be generated immediately.

If there are >100 medicals, a CSV file will be generated in the background and a link to download the CSV is emailed to the user.

The upper limit of 1000 medicals per CSV has been removed.

Read more on our knowledge base