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Feature update - July 2023

In our July 2023 release, we have made important enhancements to improve your overall experience. Firstly, we have added a session timeout warning with a countdown period, this feature will give you a heads up before your session expires, allowing you to extend it effortlessly. Additionally, we have introduced a new capability for providers to add or update their preferred support email. 

Session timeout warning

Following 60 minutes of inactivity, a session timeout warning will appear, accompanied by a 30 minute countdown timer. Should there be no activity during this countdown period, the user will be automatically logged out

Screenshot 2023-07-18 144754


Updating company support emails

Admin users can now update their company support email address.

If you wish to direct support emails to more than one inbox within your organisation,  we recommend setting up an internal email group.


Consumer support emails

Consumer emails autogenerated from the Full Health platform are sent from

If a consumer replies to an autogenerated email, the reply address will default to your company support email address.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 125314