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Health Assessment Software for Healthcare Providers

Better, Faster Medicals

We have streamlined medical assessment workflows and automate a holistic interpretation of the patient's results. So less time is wasted on admin, and more valuable time is spent with the individuals that need it.

A woman and doctor using assessment software to discuss her results.
Honda using our health assessment software
Cornmarket using our health assessment software
Hewlett Packard using our health assessment software

How does Full Health help you deliver better medical assessments

Reduce time on admin and interpreting results

Run medicals at scale - automate invitations, bookings, payments, integration with laboratories, and patient report writing.

Increase interpretation quality

Benefit from automation which replicates the thought process a doctor goes through when interpreting medical results and generates a report in plain English which the doctor can send back to the patient.

Cost-effective medical assessments

Using Full Health, a doctor can oversee many medicals simultaneously rather than completing one at a time. Coupled with the technology automation, our partners can significantly reduce their cost base and offer medicals at very competitive rates.

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“Our management team rated the Full Health Medical program as both highly efficient and effective. Participation was over 90% and over 60% are actively making changes in their lifestyle as a result.”

Faraz Shoghi, Occupational Health Manager at Honda

How it works

Full Health covers the end-to-end workflow of medical assessments

We cover the workflow across clients, nurses and doctors, and we integrate directly with labs.

  • From patients booking an assessments
  • To nurses taking blood
  • To doctors who view the lab results and review the report before sending it out to the patient.
A men checking up on his health using health assessment software
A doctor explaining how there patient can see there results using health assessment software

Consistent interpretation of results and focus on those assessments that need expert attention

At Full Health we have modelled the thought process a doctor goes through when providing patient feedback. Like a doctor, our model considers multiple health data points so that we can perform a holistic health review.
The result is a consistent interpretation of results, while doctors can focus on the assessments flagged for expert review.

Help clients understand their assessments and how their health is progressing over time

The outcome of the health assessment is presented in an easy-to-understand way and includes actionable recommendations.
When clients return for follow-up medicals, we provide insight into how their health is progressing over time.

A nurse explaining the results using health assessment software.
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