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Employers Corporate Wellness Software

Advance your health & wellbeing strategy

Offer health assessments to your employees, so they get insights into their health, and you get an overall understanding of your people’s wellbeing.

An employee speaking with a doctor about her results using corporate wellness software


Assisting Honda with our corporate wellness software
Assisting Cornmarket with our corporate wellness software
Assisting Hewlett Packard with our corporate wellness software

What Full Health does for your health & wellbeing strategy

Personal health insights for employees

Each medical assessment comes with a holisitic and personalised report that is reviewed by a doctor.

Understand the health of your people

Make data-informed decisions around your wellbeing strategy based on actual employee insights.

Cost effective employee benefit

Because of our streamlined assessment workflow, our partners can offer medicals at a competitive rate.

“Our management team rated the Full Health Medical program as both highly efficient and effective. Participation was over 90% and over 60% are actively making changes in their lifestyle as a result.”

Faraz Shoghi, Occupational Health Manager at Honda

How it works

Easy access to health assessments and insights right from your device

Booking an assessment just takes a few simple steps. After completing their assessments, we help employees understand their health and provide actionable recommendations.
When they come back for a follow-up assessment, employees can track how their health is progressing over time.

A woman using medical software to have easy access to health assessments.
A doctor using medical software to help with assessing health results.

A holistic health review of multiple data points

At Full Health we have modelled the thought process a doctor follows when interpreting health results. Our algorithm considers multiple health data points, mimicking a doctor’s approach to a holistic health assessment.
So even when individual measurements are within normal limits, when considered together they could still result in an elevated risk being flagged.

Provide the correct health assessment to the right people

The specific assessments you want to offer might differ across the people of your business. It may depend on their role and overall benefits package.
Full Health allows you to configure which assessments are available to employees, based on inputs from your human resource management system.

A doctor looking at results that uses business private healthcare
A phone showing corporate wellness software results that is private and protected.

Personal health data is only available to the employee

The health data and assessment are personal to the employee. This data will never be shared with anyone else.
We do provide aggregate health and wellbeing insights to the employer, however this does not trace back to specific individuals.

See the product in action

Book a call with us and we'll show you how Full Health Medical could support your organisation's health & wellbeing strategy.