We work with a diverse range of partners delivering first class preventative healthcare by utilising our innovative technology platform

Occupational Health

Supporting expert service providers to save resources and deliver innovative programmes.

  • Gain more time to improve employee health
  • No longer any need to rely on outdated systems with lack of visibility and time consuming reporting
  • Streamline, monitor and easily analyse trends while meeting requirements
  • Use a system purpose built by a medical team. 
  • Deliver self service with online booking and registration
  • Standardise data collection while saving cost
  • Convert medical assessments into a beneficial wellbeing health experience that's valued by your customers
  • Reduce onsite resource time by up to 50%
  • Give yourself the competitive edge for winning business and government tenders
  • Benefit from multi-site project management support built in, saving up to 90% of administration resources
  • Manage health surveillance with an advanced scheduler that allows you to create the surveillance programme, set up groups, and automatically notify the employee(s)

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Brand Partnership

We help deliver innovative brand partnerships that help you stand out from the crowd.

By partnering with Full Health Medical, you are gaining access to an experienced team with a proven medical platform.

  • On a personal level, we ensure engagement with your customers/ consumers
  • Trusted and proven track record in working with multiple brands
  • Consultant led medical and technology team
  • Established network of health providers which can be utilised for programme rollout

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Health Surveillance

Manage health surveillance programmes better with a streamlined approach and high quality medical reporting.

  • Proven in many pharmaceutical sites
  • Minimise your internal resource requirement to support programmes by up to 95%
  • Optimise health professional time
  • Fully integrated with leading laboratories
  • Utilise our advanced scheduler that allows you to create the surveillance programme, set up groups, and automatically notify the employee(s)
  • Saves on occupational health time
  • Saves on team administration time
  • Supports compliance
  • A now empowered employee benefits from the experience

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Onsite Employee Benefit

Employees are often the most powerful asset a company has. Businesses depend on their employees to achieve goals, satisfy customers and uphold quality. In this context, taking care of employee wellbeing makes complete business sense.

  • In a time of intense competition for talent, Full Health Medical gives your organisation an immensely valuable employee benefit
  • Full Health Medical's group anonymised data will guide your wellness programme
  • With employees empowered on their health, engagement in your data-driven wellness programme will improve

Programmes can be fully or partially funded by the employer and/or insurer. Employees can pick up the balance via Full Health Medical's payment gateway.

Programmes can have options for employees to pay for their own optional tests as extras.

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Integrated Technology

Our solution can be integrated to provide an even greater end user experience.

  • There is no point in reinventing the wheel. We will enable you to benefit from our platform with APIs and any other integration supports required

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Private Hospital

Supporting technologically advanced hospital facilities with consultant led preventative health reporting.

  • Supports executive medicals under white label
  • Easily plugs into your marketing website
  • Secure online payment capability for programmes
  • Supports a range of medicals with 50+ data points and multiple blood tests and diagnostics

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Private Pharmacy

Enabling provision of innovative in-store services to better inform consumers in their health decisions.

Convenient retail pharmacies with trusted staff can play an important part in expanding access to healthcare while driving down cost with Full Health Medical's solution. 

We support pharmacies to make a transformative impact on healthcare with new business models.

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You have deadlines. We have solutions. Benefit from our experience and insights for modern healthcare.

  • We help you make the best decisions to move your health needs forward
  • Our aim is to enable you to grow faster and work smarter
  • We innovate with you and your team to come up with the best and most cost effective solution

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