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Healthcare Insurers

Differentiate your offering and bring lifetime value to members

How We Help

For Healthcare Insurers our clinically validated, dynamic services bring lifetime value for your members through individualised healthcare-paths

  • Full-service offering. We manage the entire process, including appointment setting to referral and treatment - with transparency for you and your members at every step
  • Comprehensive health data analysis captures and stores all medical data; prescriptions, medical reports etc.
  • Individualised, clinically validated, dynamic services across physical and behavioral healths supports members through a lifetime of preventative health.
  • Mobile-first and accessible 24/7 programmes include interactive tools to educate, manage appointment scheduling and record and monitor physical health and wellbeing.

How Will You Benefit?

Value-added preventative healthcare plans increase member engagement and optimise resources

  1.  90%   Member satisfaction with programmes
  2.  50%   Reduction in nurse time
  3.  90%   Reduction in administration time

Effectively manage capacity for thousands of members

Clinically driven personalisation of programmes improves member engagement and adds value

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Occupational Health

Supporting expert service providers to manage health surveillance programmes with a streamlined approach and high-quality medical reporting.

How We Help

  • Benefit from multi-site project management support built-in, saving up to 90% of administration resources
  • Utilise our advanced scheduler that allows you to create the surveillance programme, set up groups, and automatically notify the employee(s)
  • Deliver self-service with online booking and registration
  • Convert medical assessments into a beneficial wellbeing health experience that's valued by your customers
  • Give yourself the competitive edge for winning business and government tenders
  • Offer an empowered employee benefit from the experience
  • Streamline, monitor and easily analyse trends while meeting requirements
  • Use a system purpose-built by a medical team
  • Secure online payment capability for programmes
  • Supports a range of medicals with 50+ data points and multiple blood tests and diagnostics

How You Will Benefit

  1.   Reduce onsite resource time by up to 50%
  2.   Supports executive medicals 
  3.   Optimise health professional time
  4.   Standardise data collection while saving cost
  5.   Supports compliance
  6.   Easily plugs into your marketing website

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Corporate Health

Improve productivity, boost your bottom line and improve employee morale.

How We Help

For Corporate Health we provide full-service preventative healthcare programmes.

  • Comprehensive health assessments for each employee covering all physical and behavioural health areas,  Convenience of onsite delivery maximises onsite participation.
  • Management of all aspects of service delivery including liaising with onsite resources, the entire end-to-end process is managed through the Full Health Medical Technology Platform 
  • Employer administrative dashboards and reports provide a snapshot of employee health with year on year comparisons
  • Comprehensive employee reporting.  Results of medical tests and screenings with personalised, actionable insights and next steps with education on health and lifestyle.
  • Employees are often the most powerful asset a company has. In this context, and in a time of intense competition for talent, taking care of employee wellbeing makes complete business sense.

Programmes can be fully or partially funded by the employer and/or insurer. Employees can also share costs or purchase optional extra tests via Full Health Medical's secure payment gateway.

How You Will Benefit

We are trusted by leading global organisations to optimise resources and reduce the cost of service

  1.   90%  time savings for HR admin
  2.   97%  appointment optimisation - with 30 appointments per day per nurse/doctor for Health Checks
  3.   High engagement - average 90% employee participation
  4.   1 in 3 employees take action to address key health risks
  5.   50%  improve diet
  6.   43%  increase physical activity

Our Flu Vaccination Programme can deliver up to 210 vaccines per day per doctor onsite.

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Healthcare Providers

Your partner in cost-effective, scalable, preventative healthcare

How We Help

For Healthcare Providers our interoperable digital platform and powerful health analytics optimise preventative healthcare pathways for clinical resources.

  • Comprehensive programmes covering immunisation, screening and referral across all physical and behavioural health areas.
  • Streamlines processes and our clinically-driven platform automates and streamlines healthcare screening and treatment pathways, optimising clinical resources and time by up to 95%
  • Optimised treatment pathways built on comprehensive health data analysis from over 50+ data points, multiple blood tests and diagnostics.
  • Seamless care.  Our interoperable platform integrates healthcare data from multiple providers across the lifestyle of preventative care providing transparent patient journeys'
  • Supports technologically advanced hospital and clinical facilities with consultant-led preventative health reporting.
  • Supports executive medicals under white label
  • Easily plugs into your marketing website
  • Secure online payment capability for programmes
  • Supports a range of medicals with 50+ data points and multiple blood tests and diagnostics

How You Will Benefit

Our seamless digital platform and powerful health analytics optimise preventative healthcare pathways and resources.

  1.   95%  reduction in doctor reporting time and cost
  2.   50%  reduction in nurse time
  3.   90%  reduction in administration time 
  4.   Reduce overall healthcare costs with preventative health programmes
  5.   Improve patient choice and add value with simple clinically-driven personalisation of programmes 

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