Comprehensive choice of programmes to power your health and wellbeing proposition

All programmes include a personalised full health report with recommendations and standard population insight and analysis. The questionnaires are specific to the medical being conducted and include relevant medical, family history and lifestyle information.

Employer subsidised medical benefit programme

This health assessment programme provides an essential baseline medical with optional extras tests that employees can choose at their own discretion. The baseline can be priced or included as an employee benefit.

Health Surveillance

Programmes support the systematic assessment of employees exposed or potentially exposed to occupational hazards. Programmes are configurable based on risk. We will help you to manage health surveillance programmes better with a streamlined approach and high quality medical reporting.

Pharmacy Health Check

This service enables pharmacies to deliver effective health check programmes both in store and in the community

Executive Medical

This programme supports the most technologically advanced hospital based facilities to deliver executive medicals to the highest standard.

Premium employee benefit for the management team

This programme enables your management team to participate in an extensive onsite medical. It usually entails a doctor follow up review onsite. This is a popular package with high engagement.

Health & Wellbeing Talks

Health talks have been popular with groups who wish to be educated in making lifestyle and environmental changes to improve their health. Mental Health and Stress Management have proven to be particularly in demand, with employers becoming more aware of how these impact on employee productivity

Flu Vaccination Programme

The Flu vaccine module enables up to thirty vaccines per hour to be administered without any queues forming. Registration and relevant consent forms are easily completed in advance by participants. Follow up reminder emails and sms messages ensure operations run smoothly

Pharmacy Blood Pressure Health Check

This package is popular with our pharmacy clients. It enables front line staff to give accurate feedback on customers blood pressure and track it over time.

Employee benefit programme

Comprehensive health assessment and when repeated annually health trends are fed back to the individual. For the group, a detailed population analysis indicates where wellness activities should focus