Our software can be used in a variety of ways. We adapt our flexible platform to suit a range of user journeys, care pathways and service delivery. Our aim is to intelligently save cost at every opportunity.

Typical Process

Health Programme Launch

The programme is configured by you and is ready to launch through a web link

Book and Customise Appointment

The individual registers online, books their appointment, chooses their programme, and completes their medical history and lifestyle questionnaire

Health Care Workflow

Measurements and diagnostics are taken at the clinic by health professional and automated to our health repository

Algorithms and Analysis

Our medically intelligent solution prepares detailed reports based on medical history, measurements and relevant blood tests

Medical review and approval

Typically, your health team will review the results and the medically intelligent draft report

Personalised report issued

Personalised reports are issued securely online with medical recommendations and next actions

Data available for health trends

A data comparison is available for medical data over time allowing you to see how your health or population health may have improved