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How Digital Tools enable the early detection of diabetes | World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes day and acknowledging this offered us at Full Health Medical the perfect opportunity to analyse some data our platform offers in the early detection of diabetes. This revealed some interesting results...

In one particular dataset, 3.2% of circa 24,000 people assessed had impaired glucose tolerance or full diabetes. Frighteningly, only 1% actually knew they had the condition!

The remaining (69%) were oblivious to diabetes being a major killer, silent and symptomless while wreaking havoc on internal organs- quite literally- from the brain to the feet.

Traditionally fasting blood glucose could only be checked in a clinical setting where there was both a nurse’s physical presence and a doctor’s clinical governance. This needed to change, and has changed.

In our case, the Full Health Medical platform enables a single physician to remotely have oversight of many clinics at once. The inbuilt safety net for low or high glucose ranges and the intelligent software means that any clinical encounter, anywhere, anytime can include the vital glucose and blood pressure checks without adding to an overstretched doctor’s workload.

Diabetes Facts

The World Health Organisation estimate that there are now about 422 million adults with Diabetes. That’s equal to 1 in 11 worldwide. It is also one of the fastest growing diseases. Those affected are faced with a disease that is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure, it can lead to the devastating loss of a leg or foot and it increases the risk of heart disease. It is one of the leading causes of death. Treating diabetes cost the NHS health service in the UK a record £1.07 billion in 2018/19, according to NHS Digital figures which equates to £327.78 for diabetes drugs per patient with the condition.

Redefining Healthcare

Full Health Medical aims to address the needs of a global shortage of healthcare professionals, the rise of chronic disease and lack of transparency at patient level, the focus is on digital innovation by healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping individuals live a healthy life. The platform is now providing a lifetime ability to access preventative healthcare; screening, diagnostics, education, treatment and a record of their journey.”

* Dr. Ann Shortt is a founder and medical director of Full Health Medical, a leading digital health company listed in 2019 by the Journal of mHealth as being in the top 100 globally. Ann is a practising A&E consultant. She has a fellowship from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in London and a membership from Royal College of General Practice

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