Our revolutionary Full Health Medical platform is built by a multidisciplinary consultant-led medical team. It is based on solid preventative health medicine and best practice.

Paul Mc Carthy

CEO and Co-Founder

Paul wants to give the world better healthcare. He is a business leader with a passion for innovation and healthcare transformation. He has strong people and customer management skills and a track record of creating strategic vision and driving business growth. He cares about a lot about product and value driven healthcare.

Dr Ann Shortt

Medical Director and Co-Founder

Dr. Ann Shortt is a fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine London and is also a member of the Royal College of General Practice UK. Her mission is simple - enable people to longer healthier lives through smarter healthcare communication.

Celine McEniry


Celine is passionate about ensuring quality and customer satisfaction for all clients of Full Health Medical. Project management is key and the role involves working closely with product teams, service delivery teams and the variety of partners who are implementing Full Health Medical across the UK and Ireland.

Angela Chambers

Financial Controller

Angela works with our partners and suppliers to ensure prompt payment and billing. She also helps clients to save cost while delivering the highest quality service. This includes supporting their operations teams when they are building budgets and allocating resources.

Lesley Gradwell

Business Development UK/ IRE

Lesley is passionate about providing Employers and Customers with the opportunity to take their health and well-being into their own hands and to understand the sometimes-confusing jargon used by the Medical Profession. After 8 years in the Insurance medical environment Lesley recognises the need for giving back and by working closely with the variety of partners who already implement Full Health Medical across the UK and Ireland is helping to make this possible.

Kamila Jakimowicz

Lead UI / UX Designer

Kamila is an experienced UI /UX designer focused on delivering web products that are memorable and easy to use. She believes that web design should be both creative and user friendly always trying to merge innovation with usability.

Helana O’Malley

Project Coordinator

Helana is a registered nurse who ensures our software tools are centred on helping front line health professionals do their jobs better. She previously worked with the Department of Defence in Australia and continues to help clients deliver services with military precision.

Stephen Sexton

Technology Advisor

Has led the technology development of the Full Health system. He is a CTO with international experience and has been both a co-founder and CTO with a number of companies in the US

Dr Blaithnead Murtagh

Medical Team

Dr Blaithnead Murtagh commenced practice as a Consultant in Cardiology at the Galway Clinic in 2009. She completed a 3 year Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota and a 4 year Cardiology Fellowship at the Texas Medical Centre, Houston. She pursued subspeciality training in Interventional Cardiology, heart failure and echocardiography. Other interests include preventive cardiology and cardiovascular disease in women.

Dr Ronan Kavanagh

Medical Team

Dr. Kavanagh is a Galway based consultant rheumatologist with an interest in bone health, innovation and the use of new technologies in health care.He is a regular speaker and writer on the uses of social media and video technologies in healthcare and acts as a medical advisor for a number of technology companies. He is also a mentor on the HealthXL programme and runs Irelands’ annual .Med medical innovation conference.

Dermot Shortt

Board Member and Advisor

Dermot is a former managing director and global head of UBS Delta. He is now a founder of Finbourne, a FinTech product designed to liberate the financial community from the limitations of their data systems and equip them to build a simple, more informed future. At board level, Dermot guides our strategy towards equipping the healthcare community with tools to deliver modern healthcare.